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Our Policies

The following policies and procedures serve as a guide for our first-time and repeat guests. Once an appointment is booked with Wellness in Motion you agree and our bound by the following policies and terms.

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Once your appointment is booked, you will receive an intake form for the service you clicked on (Massage/ Chiropractic/Esthetics). Please fill out all forms before our arrival. If forms are not filled out prior to your appointment, you will need to fill them out before the service, and time may be deducted from your appointment.

Please note your practioner may arrive 15 minutes early to set up, and answer any questions you may have. Please be aware our practioners do their best to arrive on time and will notify their clients if they are running behind. We apologize for any late appointments due to weather, traffic, etc.

Payment types

  • email transfer

  • credit

  • Debit (select staff)

  • gift cards

  • Direct billing (for Massage Therapy appointments)

Cancellation Policy

  • Wellness in Motion understands that unanticipated events occur occasionally in everyone's life. Business meetings, car problems, traffic, and sick children are all reasons why you may need to cancel an appointment. We try to be understanding and fair to all of our clients.

  • In consideration of our practioners time and travel costs, we have the following policies:

    * In most cases, Wellness in Motion requires 24-hour advance notice when cancelling an individual appointment or group appointments. This allows the opportunity for someone else to book themselves in, or allows our company to fill the appointment or service.

    * If you are unable to give us the minimum 24-hour cancellation notice, you will be charged 80% of your treatment or service that you booked. Payment will be required by either an email transfer or credit card. If payment cannot be made, you will not be able to book your next appointment with us until payment has been collected.

No Shows

* Anyone who forgets or consciously chooses to forget their scheduled appointment for whatever reason will be charged 100% of their treatment booked. Payment will be required by either an email transfer or credit card. Until payment has been made, future services will be denied.

*** Out of respect and consideration to your practioners time and any other customers please plan accordingly. ***


Feel free to contact us anytime, we are here to answer any inquiries, please note we try our best to answer all phone calls, text messages, and emails in a timely manner but please allow us 24 hours to respond.


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