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Once you book your first Wellness service you will be sent an intake form. This information is kept private and confidential between Wellness in Motion and our client. This form helps us to determine your needs as well as any prior and current conditions, and establish the proper course of treatment, tailored and customized to benefit you. This will need to be filled out prior to our session for review.


Before our visit it is best to pick a quiet, dimly lit area that provides a calm relaxing atmosphere. An area will need to be available that will easily fit a massage table (approximately 6') with a 1' circumference minimum around the table for your practioner to walk around.


We will arrive at your home at the scheduled appointment time ** Please note we could be 10 min early or 10 min late due to weather conditions** .  We will set up the table and tools, and provide a brief summary of your treatment. Your Wellness service will begin at the allotted time.

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Each individual will be provided appropriate Home Care, to ensure their goals are met and problems have been addressed. After/before the treatment, payment can be made to Wellness in Motion. ( Credit, Debit (select practioners) Cash, or Email Transfer) Don't forget to book your next Wellness service.

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