"Everybody Deserves a Massage"

What to Expect on your mobile massage journey with Wellness in Motion


Once you book your first massage, you will be sent an intake form.  This information is kept private and confidential, between Wellness in Motion and our client. This form helps us to determine the proper course of treatment, tailored and customized to benefit you and your needs as well as any prior and current  conditions.  This will need to be filled out prior to our session for review.  


Before our visit, it is best to pick a quiet, dimly lit area that echoes the need for calm and relaxation.  An area will need to be available that will easily fit a massage table (approximately 6') with a 1' circumference minimum around the table for your therapist to walk around.  


We will arrive at your home at the scheduled appointment time (hot stone appointments, we arrive 5 min earlier).  We will set up the table and tools, and have a brief verbal assessment of what we will be doing during your treatment.  Your therapist will leave the room instructing you to undress (within your comfort level).  Your massage will begin at the allotted time requested.


Each individual will be provided appropriate Home Care, to ensure that their goals are met and problems have been addressed. After/Before the treatment, payment can be made to Wellness in Motion. ( Credit, Cash, or Email transfer) Don't forget to book your next Massage.

Couple Massage

Enjoy a couples massage from the comfort of your own home. Back to back massage, or side by side (please book in advance) allowing two people to completely relax. not just for couples! Girlfriends, mothers and daughters, etc. 

*Candles & Aroma for the room can be provided with advanced notice.

Wellness In Motion Inc.

Infant | Youth Massage

Children benefit from massage therapy in the same way adults do for medical conditions, injuries and overall health including those with special needs. For all ages, Massage Therapy can help reduce stress, help with abnormal sleeping patterns, using relaxation techniques, with a lighter pressure. Massage is beneficial at any age but because children are still developing it can be very beneficial.

Temporomandibular Joint Massage (TMJ)

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is one of the most complex and frequently used joints in the body. The TMJ allows your bottom jaw to move, so every time you talk, chew or swallow you are using the TMJs on either side of your head. TMJ can affect many aspects of your body some symptoms may include: clenching of the teeth, headaches, difficulty opening/ closing your mouth, sore neck muscles, pain or problems when chewing and much more. Using massage techniques in and outside of the mouth can help alleviate symptoms.

Cancellation Policy

Wellness in Motion understands that unanticipated events occur occasionally in everyone's life. Business meetings, car problems, traffic, and sick kids just to name a few,   

on why one might need to cancel an appointment. We try to be effective an fair to all of our clients, and consideration to our therapists' time and travel, we have the following policies:

* In most cases, Wellness in Motion requires 24-hour advance notice when canceling an individual appointment, or group appointments. This allows the opportunity for someone else to book themselves in, or allows our company to fill the appointment or service.

* If you are unable to give us the minimum 24-hour cancellation notice, you will be charged 80% of your treatment or service that you booked. We will require either an email transfer or credit card. If payment cannot be made, you will not be able to book your next appointment with us until payment has been collected.

No Shows 

*  Anyone who forgets or consciously chooses to forget their scheduled appointment for whatever reason will be charged 100% of their treatment booked. We will require an email transfer or credit card. Until payment has been made, future services will be denied until payment has been made.

*** Out of respect and consideration to your therapists' time and any other customers please plan accordingly in order to be on time as we will do the same to you. ****

Wellness In Motion Inc

Hot Stone

Using smooth flat and heated Basalt stones( lava rocks) that allow the muscles to relax faster and allows for a deep relaxing massage, also helps warm up tight muscles to work deeper and quicker, this  allows for a faster recovery and softer musculature. 

Deep Tissue


Techniques that focus in the deeper layers of muscle tissue. Focusing on breaking up scar tissue and adhesions that build up in the body. A treatment that is designed to relieve chronic pain or other underlying ailments applying firm pressure. Ideal for people who have been in a motor vehicle accident, chronic muscle tension, stiff neck and back etc.


Gentle techniques designed to relax  musculature, decrease stress and increase circulation. Ideal for seniors, children, people with disabilities, or to unwind. When you are experiencing a relaxation massage expect long smooth strokes that are rhythmic and flowing. Very relaxing and not painful.


Massage Therapy can be a wonderful choice during or after pregnancy, It can be both relaxing and a healthy way to reduce stress, aches and pain, and increase overall wellness. Post and prenatal massages can help relieve many of the discomforts experienced during and after pregnancy such as headaches, backaches, leg cramps and edema.

Couples Workshop

Learn to introduce the power of touch and give you all the techniques to relax and de-stress your partner. Learn to Massage your significant other in a professional  manner at home with the help from your Massage Therapist, included in this package you will receive a complementary bottle of fractionated coconut oil, and epsom salts.

Cupping Massage

Cupping is an ancient Chinese practice, which can help release tissue tension, increase range of motion, and can help increase blood flow. Cupping is relatively painless, but can leave temporary redness or even a circular shape were the cups where applied. The marks indicate  movement of stagnant blood as well as toxin release from the underlying tissue.