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Uniquely intuitive, and all about individuality, Rosalyn Sannella graduated top of her class, at the Alberta College of Massage Therapy.
Rosalyn always believed her future would involve the health care industry, and as she got older she started to become very passionate about natural health and wellness. Becoming a massage therapist was a natural extension of her caring and empathetic personality, reflecting that healing touch goes more than skin deep. She is very excited to dive deeper into different massage modalities and further her education in the future.
In her free time, Rosalyn loves to read, go hiking in the mountains, spend time with her friends and her adorable Rottweiler named Yogi.

Wellness In Motion Inc.

Ami Lukinchuk​  Beauty Supplies

Paige studied and graduated from the Registered Massage Therapy course at Mount Royal University and since then has taken hot stone massage, therapeutic and relaxation massage techniques, with scheduled courses to be taken shortly to advance her knowledge with specific conditions.

Throughout Paige's life, she has worked with children with various disabilities, and simply just enjoys helping others.  She enjoys cooking, traveling, exercising and spending time with her family and friends. She knew from day one that she wanted to help others through Massage Therapy.  Each treatment that is provided is specific to the client's needs, to ensure that their goals are met and problems have been addressed. She is always continuing to learn, in order to provide the best treatments for her clients and is always looking for new and inspiring opportunities to help others.

"Everybody Deserves a Massage"

Jamie Dixon  Student Massage Therapist  (Male therapist)

Rosalyn Sannella  Registered Massage Therapist 

Jamie is currently finishing his second year of studies at MaKami College, pursuing his 3000 hour RMT certificate providing a concrete foundation to build upon and continue his education.
Jamie believes health and lifestyle play a huge role in our happiness and by making small positive changes we can greatly enhance our physical, spiritual and emotional body and mind.
Jamie has always made his living with his hands, whether it is building a house, building a kitchen, or playing a musical instrument; these skills have given his hands an intuitiveness which flow naturally into the field of massage.
Relax, heal and regain health. 

Ami created Naturally Sweet Body & Wellness with the idea to allow women the experience of a luxurious spa in the comfort of their homes. As she believes all women are “Super Woman”, they also need the time dedicated to taking care of themselves. By creating the at home spa experience, stresses can float away leaving room for positivity and bright, flowing energy. Her products are hand crafted and made with the purest of ingredients and essential oils. She focuses on the benefits of her creations while keeping her ingredients simple. A lover of expanding her knowledge and an open mind, she is always looking to tailor and create custom blends and share her joys with her community.

Paige Olsen​  Owner | RMT